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Dalat 1 day "standard"

Dalat 1 day "standard"
Dalat 1 day "standard"
Dalat 1 day "standard"
Dalat 1 day "standard"
Dalat 1 day "standard"
Dalat 1 day "standard"
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City: Далат
Program: observation deck on the mountain pass, coffee plantations, Lin Fuok Pagoda, Prenn Falls, Daynla Falls, lunch at a European restaurant, French quarter, гостиница Crazy House, the temple of the Kaodai religion, tasting coffee and sweets, Tien Vien Chuk Lam, cable car
The price includes: all entrance tickets under the program, lunch in a European restaurant, rum, wine, cola at lunch, a bottle of mineral water, Russian professional guide, insurance, transfers from the hotel and to the hotel
Duration: 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.
A group of: 14-24 people
Take it with you: warm things, camera, money for personal expenses, clothes to visit temples
Number of days: Day 1
Dalat 1 day "standard"
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Travel from Nyachang to... Da Lat is a comfortable bus on a mountain road, through picturesque cliffs and valleys. This route gives you the opportunity to see a real subtropical forest, visit a coffee plantation, where to grow coffee and be produced by seeing with your own eyes miracles - pagoda, parks, lakes, Crazy House, and even a small Eiffel Tower.

Tour program:

1. Overview site on the mountain pass;

2. Coffee plantations;

3. Lin Fuok Pagoda ("bottle temple" - one of the 10 most unusual temples in the world);

4. Prenn Falls (orchids, elephants, ostriches, zoo);

5. Datanla Falls (electric skating - 60,000 dong);

6. Lunch at a European restaurant;

7. French quarter;

8. Гостиница Crazy House;

9. Temple of the Kaodai Religion;

10. Tasting tea, coffee and sweets;

11. Tien Vien Chuk Lam Pagoda

12. Cable car - at the request of 60,000 dong

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