I wanted a home-cooked meal, we came to zoltan's little Hungary.
Hungarian cuisine, in a sense, is similar to German. 
On the walls are flags, women with beer, reproductions of mountains, freedom and green meadows. I liked the tablecloths.
It began with the fact that there was no phuendic freett tincture. I can hardly reprint the names of the dishes, so I put it on the Russian.
We took homemade sausages with potatoes 90 dong (250 rubles), sausage was in melt dried, although not failed in taste, and potatoes on the contrary cheese. Is.
Then beef in Hungarian, stewed in red wine, with galushki, 120 dong (330 rubles). It's like, right, homemade food. There is a wine taste, tender meat, there are a lot of it; pebbles - for an amateur (fan of dumplings), in general not bad.
The top piece is langosh, a flatbread with cheese or sour cream, or garlic. I don't remember, but we somehow managed to order with everything together. About 25 dong (70 rubles), oddly enough, really the best dish of the evening.
Mustard (looks like American, not sure if it's homemade) and pickle salad are served to the whole order.
At that time, already impregnated, we thought this place is quite remarkable, on a sober head I understand that nothing particularly "wow" was there. But go for a beer and langosh, I still don't mind.
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