I'm sure many people know the Japanese bar in the north of the city "Sunshine bar", but I'm not here to describe all the flavors of Saigon.

The advantages of the bar is that a curious tourist can not get here; cool look, contingent - a few Russian locales and foreigners, mostly, also locales. The atmosphere is friendly, you can score a smoke, stroke a dog named Baguette and slowly zest beer or something stronger, contemplating the water surface.

Separately, it is worth noting the hosts - amazing guys from Japan. 

The menu is capacious. I tried "okonomiyaki" 80-120 dong (220-330 rubles), traditional Japanese about cabbage pie, especially I went with pork and kimchi, and with shrimp. Very satisfying thing with a rather unusual taste, melts in the mouth, but has a dense texture. 

"Tacoyaki" 75 dong (210 rubles) - roundies based on deep-fried dough with octopus. There are exceptionally warm.

Kebabs of tuna teriyaki and tuna on lemongrass with chili sauce, my favorite, 95 dong for 4 sticks of kebabs (260 rubles).

From what you do not have to think about - club house sandwich 95 dong, served with a small salad, seasoned with sesame sauce. Honestly, I've never tasted it anywhere else. Another of the butterers "katsu sando" with pork, too, good, the price is the same, but the "club" stole my heart. Butter with ham and cheese past, the price tag of 65 dong (180 rubles), is not remembered.

Part of the menu is below.

Each week the guys hold a reggae party, with music, chills and a separate menu. What I tried turned out to be a kind of roast pork thing with a thick sauce and garnish; Therefore, on such days I come well-fed.

In conclusion, without hesitation I can call this place my favorite bar and it's not even about food, how much in people, attitude and atmosphere.

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