Cafe "Seul" near the cooptart, small and unremarkable.

The menu is entirely Vietnamese, so if your Vietnamese is more advanced than "com ha" and bill up to 10, then you will be easier. Staff in English, too, no boom-boom.

I was just playing roulette, knowing all I wanted was soup and not beef or chicken.

I had soup with noodles and moics (shrimp, 3 shells, squid) and some sausages, 41 dong (114 rubles). From what I know, ordered simple kimbabs 24 dong (67 rubles).

Some dishes have a sharpness scale from 0 to 12. They say that after 6 goes the same thing. I ordered nine.

There's no alcohol. Black curtain, mourning music, crying children. In short, they took the sprite.

Cooking quickly, unfortunately, heard the sounds of the microwave, this sound in resiths I do not like.

Kimbabs are served with kimchi, very medium quality, rice is also about nothing. It was this kimbab by.

Soup is more interesting. Of the three shells, only one was open, which upset me a lot. Shrimp is also one, but decent. Squid snares and a couple of sausage chips. Noodles are elastic, chewy, I love it. With a sharpness of 9 I still missed, came out island. Broth... Well spicy broth, damn it knows what it really is. 

Overall, not bad. I'd maybe take another look. Low price tag, fast, nothing so, 5/10.

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