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About Us


Support for the business owned by the residents of the city in order to preserve the unique character of the local community, increase opportunities for business, strengthen the economic foundation of the community, prevent the closure of companies due to expansion federal and global network companies.

Key areas of work

  • Informing citizens about the values that companies that are part of the community carry and their importance to the local economy, culture and social sphere.
  • Creating the "Nyachang: Services and Goods" brand, promoting and advertising it, to enhance the collective image of all businesses that are part of the community, to gain the same benefits that network companies have.

Project goals

  • Promoting the development of small and medium-sized businesses in nyachang and beyond;
  • Increasing the interest of small and medium-sized businesses in expanding the range of goods (services provided), introducing new technologies and equipment, improving marketing policy, personnel policy;
  • Increased investment attractiveness.
  • Show the entrepreneur from the positive side, identify the key meanings and criteria of their services and goods;
  • Reduce costs, attract and retain customers;
  • Increase sales
  • To level the opportunities in the market of entrepreneurs compared to developed companies.

Founded in 2019.