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The Southern Journey

The Southern Journey
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The price includes: индивидуальный тур, на МОТОЦИКЛАХ! (механика) (вы пассажир или водитель), полная экипировка (локти+ колени+шлем фул-фейс или 3/4), на военных ретро джипах (вы пассажир, 2-3 человека), с вами гид - путешественник, активный тур, все включено, старт и финиш от вашего отеля, возможность продлить до 10-12 часов.
The Southern Journey
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"In the sky only and talk that about the sea ..." And this journey will again inspire you to talk about it. Most of the journey the road stretches along the shore. You'll get dizzy from the number of wonderful landscapes. And every turn on the serpentine will carry even more beautiful views! But it's just an accompaniment. You will visit inside the Coral Dragon and try, making your way through the labyrinth of his dark body and soul, to find a way out to the Light. We will visit the vineyards in the village of winemakers. We taste the young wine under the vines of grapes. You will be able to buy a bottle or a few young wines or bunches of freshly plucked grapes. We will refresh and dive in a wild waterfall. Or we will stop by one of the wild beaches of the most beautiful bays. As you wish!
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