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Waterfalls БА ХО

Waterfalls БА ХО
Waterfalls БА ХО
Waterfalls БА ХО
Waterfalls БА ХО
Waterfalls БА ХО
Waterfalls БА ХО
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The price includes: индивидуальный тур, на МОТОЦИКЛАХ! (механика) (вы пассажир или водитель), полная экипировка (локти+ колени+шлем фул-фейс или 3/4), на военных ретро джипах (вы пассажир, 2-3 человека), с вами гид - путешественник, активный тур, все включено, старт и финиш от вашего отеля, возможность продлить до 10-12 часов.
Waterfalls БА ХО
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Let's get away from the fussy Nyachang! Enjoy the scenic road along the shore to the lakes with waterfalls. Beautiful views and the road would decorate any film. And now they please your eye. A motorcycle and an open jeep create the greatest sense of presence and immersion in this beauty. You're not just watching this movie - you're in it. Ba Ho Park will give us the next beautiful scenery. These are cute cafes with swings along the mountain river, and trails in the jungle, and huge boulders, which will jump, and beautiful wild lakes with waterfalls. Like Indiana Jones or Lara Croft you will swim surrounded by rocks with hanging vines in a cave under a waterfall, climb the rocks to the top of this waterfall and can jump from dizzying height into the lake. Overcoming everything, you will return to civilization a new man, a new hero for his new film. 

After the morning coffee we go for a swim to the picturesque waterfalls of Baho. We will visit the sea market, where you can see, and moray, and stingrays, and even sometimes sharks. Let's talk about religion in the local temple. We will see salt, rice fields, lotus lakes, cashew plantations, eucalyptus trees, garlic peanut fields, beautiful mountain serpentine along the sea to Poseidon Bay. And in the end relaxation on a beautiful beach .
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