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Adrenaline route

Adrenaline route
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Adrenaline route. 

1. South lookout, panorama of the city and the life of the fishing suburb.

2. Sea lookout overlooking the southern islands.

3. Wild beach with white sand and planes.

4. Journey through the maze (place of power).

5. The pagoda of corals and shells (book of Records of Vietnam).

6. Buddhist temple (acting monastery).

7. Temple of Kao Dai (all religions)

8. Plantations (coffee, pepper, pineapple, durian, dragon fruit, rambutans and a lot of everything).

9. The village of raglai (witches) go to visit!

10. Cemetery of Raglaas (unique)

11. The largest waterfall in the province (three streams)Buy, dive.

In this tour there is more beach beautiful serpentine over the sea and lookout.

In the adrenaline route you can choose several points, the number of seats will depend on the speed of movement. You will see wild mountain nature, exotic plantations, the life of small nationalities. We will climb the steep serpentine on bikes to a height of 800 meters. The path to the waterfall lies through the jungle and mountain river (20 minutes on foot)

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