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Real estate agencies and realtors

Pain of local realtors and their clients

1. The landlord does not enter into contracts with the realtor and is ready to give to anyone % who will bring the buyer.

2. There are many social networks and messengers where 70% of the same people and a potential tenant are few. All these channels require money. And their number increases your expenses. At the same time, there is no guarantee and tools to control efficiency. Track which one will bring the customer from the advertisement. We need a website that can keep statistics.

3. Keeping your own website or social media is a cost. Create. Promotion. Content. Fighting with competitors in niche rentals and real estate sales.

4. Placing in messengers or buying advertising on other resources does not allow the accumulation of buyers. And the fact that later, he will find your contacts or contact you.

5. The buyer has no value and as a consequence of the desire to store all sites, groups, chats or contacts and, if necessary, to send requests. Pay for the search. Wait for answers. Compare with others. And so.

6. Incredible spending of personal time to flick through the flood and offtop in chat rooms. Find someone who needs your services. Write him off his sentences in person and wait for a response or blocking for spam. And usually the answer - "already found" or plum for reasons p.5.

How does the portal about Nha Tranga solve this pain?

The portal is a site and has three versions under PCs, tablets, and mobile devices. It works steadily and correctly on 99% of devices. It has different currencies and languages to reach the entire audience. It has no restrictions within any social networks or messengers and is available to everyone in any country.

We are against when there are 25 sellers for one service. We do not publish the same property for different realtors. You get a guarantee in the decision to receive a commission for renting from our resource.

The bonus is that you can, after leaving the country to transfer or sell your account or ads to another realtor. Or work, remotely taking the commission and after receiving payment to give the address to the buyer.

We position ourselves as a quality and only resource that contains all the ads for renting or selling real estate and regularly add new ones. And we're going to have all the options. It makes sense to go to the platform first and secure your suggestions. And rent, and purchase.

Each of your offers has its own card. With a full description and a filtration system. The filter is unlimited. And it is formed automatically from the information that is presented.

We're not just a real estate portal. We cover all areas of business and life in Nha Trang. Thus, our resource is valuable and useful to any visitor, and it can be your client who came at the request of "rental bikes" or "attractions of Nha Trang" and others. Or a client who came from another realtor.

You have your own private office. Where there is control of all your objects. You can give them different status. (rented/free, etc.)

Every page of the site we optimize for search queries. On average, the market optimization of the site page for search costs 1000 p.  You have this included in the subscription fee and has no restrictions on the number of objects.

We have several languages. It's two now. English and Russian. In the future there will be Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese. You just need to provide information in the same language. We take over the translation. But if you know other languages we'd love to see you in the languages available to you.

You'll need a laptop or tablet to control. If you don't have this you can contact the platform administration and send all the information to telegrams or watup or to the post office. And we'll put it all in. Let's connect your phone to receive notifications.

We advertise our website in Russia and other countries. On average, advertising on one resource will cost you about 300 p per 1000 views. Or about 20-60 p per click. And advertising is always getting more expensive. In our country it is included in the subscription fee. We also print leaflets. Which we give out in Nha Trang. We leave business cards in places that cooperate with us. We stick stickers in the establishments that work with us. We advertise to the maximum.

Just for you we can make a design and prepare files for printing personal business cards and flyers for free. They include a common resource and a link to your personal page, where your property is located in Nha Trang.

Clarify something or ask your question you can on the WhatsApp +84786814483

- We can transfer the ads to another realtor at your request for money or for free.

"We don't remove objects. They will hang for a month without being tied to your account. And then will be free to any visitor of the platform. That is, anyone will be able to order and receive an address. Without paying a commission to anyone.

- If you return to the platform at any time and pay again, we will secure the ads for you again.

- You are not required to pay accommodation fees if all your rental listings are occupied. They must have the appropriate status.

- If we expose you to deceiving us or our visitors. We check all such cases and if they are confirmed we will block you. Then we will put you on the blacklist of realtors with the corresponding publication on the Internet.

Thanks for reading. We are ready to answer all your questions.