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Room in the guest house

Room in the guest house
Room in the guest house
Room in the guest house
Room in the guest house
Accommodation room
District Phuong Sai
Indoors Wi-Fi, air conditioning, refrigerator, towels, fan
On site parking
Side by side private sector housing, cafes, shops, train station, park, market
House rules smoking allowed
Distance from the sea (min) 15-25 min
Electricity Included in the lease
Water Included in the lease
Commission 400.000 VND
Room in the guest house
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A room in the centre of Nyachanga is rented out, a 25-30 minute walk from the sea. Nearby there is a market, shops working late and cafes with cheap food. Fried rice, cigarettes, beer for 10,000VND... The fo-bo on 20-40.000VND Room is located on the second floor of the house. The owners live in the same house. In the yard there is a small parking lot for your bike. The gate is locked. The room has a bed, a small window in the hallway, refrigerator, air conditioning, fan, closet, hanger. The door closes on the key. Nearby is a shared toilet and shower. There is an opportunity to go out for a smoke on the roof of the house. There is also a dryer. There are laundry services in the house itself. It is enough to put in a basket (basket is given out) dirty laundry and give to the mistress. During the day you will be washed and hung at the top. Daily rent of 250,000 VND. If you come for a long time and work, the price will be reduced. If you save electricity and water then you will not be charged separately. Owners periodically bring fruit and alcohol as a gift)
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