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Family apartments

Family apartments
Family apartments
Family apartments
Family apartments
Family apartments
Family apartments
Accommodation apartment hotels
District Loc Tho
Indoors Internet Wi-Fi, air conditioning, refrigerator, kitchen, bathroom, balcony/loggia, TV, kettle, utensils and accessories, towels, fan
On site parking, ATM, hairdresser, massage parlor, gift shop, dry cleaners, laundry
Side by side nightclub, SPA/recovery, bar/restaurant, private sector accommodation, cafes, shops, station, park, market, public transport stop, travel agency offices
House rules smoking is allowed, parties are allowed, animals are allowed
Amenities and services transfer, 24-hour check-in desk, reporting documents, quick responds, shared toilet, laundry, towels for pool and beach, bike rental, massage, food delivery, daily cleaning, ticketing services, exchange currency, expedited registration
Distance from the sea (min) 1-5 min
Electricity included in the lease
Water included in the lease
Commission 850.000 VND
Family apartments
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Family apartments are rented out in the heart of Nha trang. Designed for a large family, or a big company. Three double beds, a refrigerator, air conditioning, a large bathroom, next to all the necessary infrastructure. The cost is 8.5million per month.
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