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Simple website

Simple website
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The internet is growing rapidly and most companies today already have their websites. The availability of Internet resources is of great importance.

Want your business to stay afloat? Flexibility, cost reduction, search for effective ways to sell goods or services. To solve these problems without your own site today will not work.

This will attract new customers and partners, ensure the development of popularity, image and care about the company for the future. Website Business Card is an affordable solution for beginners.

Website-Business Card: A small web site with information that allows you to get an idea of the company's activities. The site is simple in maintenance and content.  Sometimes all information on it is static and does not require updating.

Online presence is a direct opportunity to find new customers.

Website-Business Card: 

  • General information about the Organization; (Customers should understand that you are an expert and profitable to work with you. To create a trust relationship between consumers, you can write about medals or customer feedback (as text or video).)
  • List of services or list of goods; (Let potential customers know the details of your product or service. Create a specific description with a photo or even a video review.)
  • Information for buyers: Price list, orders; (A huge part of site visitors will be interested in your prices. That's why they should be published. Don't be afraid, you won't scare away customers. Those who want to buy your product or service do so. By the way, consumer psychology is such that If he doesn't see the price, he'll think of it. And most likely, it will be higher than it actually is. So you are interested to publish the price; 
  • Contact information: address, telephone, e-mail, name of the responsible person; 
  • More detailed information reflects the company's activities and benefits for customers;
  • Function of receiving messages from clients, sending messages.

Advantages of the site:

  • Works for you 24/7, does not require a day off, no sleep and rest;
  • Creates a positive image;
  • cheaper than regular advertising;
  • Minimum operating costs;
  • Once paid, use constantly;
  • Efficiency of the customer attraction channel. (Sites in different languages sometimes increase the market);
  • Constant communication with clients. Customers will be able to receive information about your company at any time;
  • On your website you can quickly change the information for your customers (for example: Price or contact details).

Advantages of ordering a website at 100LP 

Creating a business card site for professional developers is the ideal solution for those who want to develop their businesses and increase profits using the capabilities of Web resources.

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