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Frequently Asked Questions

Here I tried to collect the most frequently asked questions and answer them. You can clarify something or ask your question in our section ""Tourist Issues"" as well as me on the WhatsApp +84786814483

The weather forecast is always different from reality. In order to understand what the weather is, we recommend watching the web cameras. Sensors are in the mountains, so such inadequacy in weather forecasts. It is best to relax in Nha trang from March to September. From October to April the weather is not so good, in the morning it is sunny, in the afternoon the probability of rain is high. The temperature of water and air is decreasing. We recommend choosing the island of PhuQuoc for this period.

The choice of housing in Nha Trang is simple. Do not chase the stars and that was all inclusive. Choose on a budget. According to the reviews on the booking. The most active area for tourists is the tourist center. Or it is also called the European quarter. You can choose the south or north of Nha Trang, here is quieter and smaller people. In the north, the beach with a gentle long entrance. In the center of Nha Trang and away from the sea, housing is cheaper. And in general, everything is cheaper.  For a choice of housing, check out the real estate section on the site.

It's best to take dollars. And only a new model with a blue stripe. And take large bills of 100 USD. Smaller ones are not listed and exchanged at a very low rate. Only the local currency is in circulation. Currency can be exchanged almost everywhere. See currency exchange signage. You can exchange in shops, jewelry salons, travel agencies.

The most correct conversion to rubles is to divide by 1000 and multiply by 3. For example, 20,000 VND is 20000/1000=20*3=60. To convert to dollars divided by 1000 and multiplied by 0.04. For example, 20000/1000=20*0,04=0,8$. Or use converters on the Internet, which is full. But... no one will exchange you at the rate. On average, stick to the $100/23100VND course. This is the course for 2019. See the exchange rate. Sometimes it's a lot of understatement. For example, 22500. This is essential. So if you exchange $100 you will get 225,0000VND and the normal rate is 2310,000. The difference is 60,000VND and that's three plates of Fo-Bo soup). Chasing the course 23100 or 23200, and even more so 23118 is not worth it. For the difference is 10,000-11000 VND, and that's a bottle of water.

The Internet is everywhere. Sometimes you climb into the jungle or a wild beach and there is the Internet. Wi-Fi is ubiquitous. Speed is enough at the level. From 2019 in Vietnam the 5G network is spreading very quickly. To connect to the point is enough to go to the Vietnamese and ask for a password. It could be a cafe worker who has a point. Also, if you want to be always in touch can buy a local sim. The cost of which is from 15000VND. Unlimited Internet for a month will cost you about 90000VND
Fly on your own. It's not hard. Below the button will be like flying on your own. Travel agencies and operators are intermediaries. Although sometimes they even get cheaper. BUT they earn not on the sale of the tour, and on the sale of additional services. That's why they need a meeting with the swamis. They are ready to go on any tricks and intimidation. They will tell you anything you want to buy from them at a triple price. Sometimes include in the package of the tour tour free - it is also rented you to their stores, where the price tag is overpriced by 400%. We advise you not to go to such meetings and score. It's all a waste of time. Your time. If you don't come nothing will happen. You'll have a great rest, and fly home. But it's up to you.
Many people ask this question. On our website we publish current prices for everything. Of course, we can't cover everything. Or not everyone is covered yet. But we try to provide up-to-date information on prices and availability. We recommend taking at least $15 per day per person. For this amount you can eat in a non-tourist area, in local cafes and enough for fruit. Better than $50. Maximum to fill life with emotions and everything was enough it is about 150$ per day per person. It all depends on your needs.

Vaccinations from something specifically do not need to be put. You can prevent intestinal infections. The main thing is to wash your hands and fruits thoroughly. On the first day, refrain from eating everything. Eat a little. And it is better if you drink at least three milk coconuts every day. 2-3 litres a day. And there are red peppers or sauces containing them. To kill bitterness eat only sour fruit - pineapple, lime, tac.

  • Protect yourself from sun and heat stroke. The sun here is much harsher than it may seem. It happens that in 2 hours burn to blisters. Use sunscreen. People with sensitive skin are advised to use the cream even in cloudy weather. You can even sunbathe in the rain. SPF is at least 90-110. If burned, then the pharmacy buy the fat of the python in its pure form. It helps everyone quickly. The best remedy is the fat of the python in its purest form.
  • Wash your hands and fruit. It's always a must. 
  • Do not buy seafood from walking traders on the beach and squatting along the streets. Only the living. And live cooked in your place. The corpse poison and decomposition products are well masked by seasonings and there is a great risk of being poisoned by the lobster (which everyone here calls lobster) at a super-cheap price. Do not see the low price if you do not want to spoil the holiday. 
  • Beware of the rickshaws. It's tempting to ride a bicycle rickshaw. But sometimes ends in divorce you promise to ride for 50k and eventually swirl around the city and not the fact that will deliver where it should and from 500k. Remember. The tariff is officially 100k per hour drive. If you're ripped off like a sticky, go to the police. The money will be returned. The government is very shaken about the image of its own and you are compensated for everything. Moreover, there were cases when tourists the state gave a ticket to the VIP hotel and all-inclusive with a long-term flight to compensate for the deception.
  • Carefully cross the street. The rules almost don't work. Look both, because as soon as you set foot on the road on both sides can go anyone and it is easier to knock you to death than then pay a lifetime for insurance. Move slowly and not in a group. Give you a chance to go around. Don't expect everyone to stop and you'll be missed. Traffic lights work, but the red still flies. 
  • Do not carry handbags, laptops, backpacks on your shoulder. Only through the head and backpacks on the chest. Don't carry a lot of cash with you. Don't show that you have a lot of money with you. Jewels. Expensive phones. There are often cases that are snatched and run away. In most cases it happens that you have lost vigilance. Do not take anything to the beach that is valuable if there is no one to look after. Thieves often rub into your trust. And the moment you relax everyone grabs and runs away. You can't catch up.
  • Avoid conflicts with locals. The Vietnamese are the only people who have no fear of death. Showing them the middle finger or the rude word will hit them very much. They'll call friends. You're going to get caught up and stabbed. In 2019 in the center of NhaTrang shopping center in the afternoon with all the people so stabbed a tourist. And it's not a joke. 
  • To the attention of MAN! If you pulled up, came up, ran up a girl and tries to make you a miniate, or pestering and so on ... Run!!! Push and run if you still have something. They're thieves. Very agile and work very fast. You won't have time to blink as you have nothing left. Money, cellular and other valuables they remove instantly and deftly.
Vietnamese try to learn foreign languages and sometimes know English, Russian and others very well. But it's so rare. So we have to talk to them through a voice interpreter. But keep in mind that the translator often translates incomprehensible. try to translate and then back and you will see that the difference is colossal. And you may not be understood. So pick up the words. Simpler. Translate back and forth and see if the translation is accurate. If you don't have a need to communicate and you just need to buy something in the shop. And the shops have everything sometimes. But they have to be asked to be taken out. That translator may not help. Here, for example, washing powder, try to explain to the Vietnamese. It's not going to work. Therefore, the right decision and very effective is the pictures. All you need is a photo of what you need. They're going to tell you that. In pharmacies the names of ingredients by composition, and they will pick up an analogue.

There is a lot of different alcohol in Vietnam. Of course, there are fakes of well-known brands. But anyone can find alcohol. And it's cheap enough. It doesn't make sense to carry alcohol with you.

This is a divorce for tourists from the operator. It's free. But, in fact, you lose one day of rest. You are taken all day to the shops, where everything is sold at inflated prices. Avoid such excursions. And in general I recommend spending money on the last day before departure. Once you've studied and examined everything. Agencies have recently taken such a ploy. They scare you that you can't take out both. But before the flight you are taken to the stores of partners with inflated prices and offer you to buy there, and it will be a kind of gift from the firm and you can be carried over the limit of luggage.

Yes, you will need to apply for a visa. How to get it in detail will be written in an article on the subject.