During all my time here, I only once came across such wine (pictured with hot dogs). In Vietnam, wine is produced, this was taught by the French; even have excursions to the wineries, of course, I plan to visit.

It is funny that on no bottle of Dalat (this is the city) wine there is no indication of dry or semi-sweet, because it is a priori dry. It differs only by type: export, classic, strong, etc.

The cost of the cheapest Dalat wine is 232 rubles and further more. I do not regret a penny spent, the blame is worth it.

Often drink Shave rum, but locals call it Chav Et. A litre bottle costs about 500 rubles, reminds Captain Morgan, but tastier, a wonderful swill.

Beer is most often saigon. The cost of the bank is 28 rubles. Bottles are cheaper. Normal beer, I only drink it.

336 rubles for 10 liters of draft biahoi. Wrap it in our container, plies.

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