Earlier, we visited 2 Indian restaurants in Nha Trang. It's "Yashoda" and "Omar's." Today closes this vicious circle of "Ganesh."

The interior designer. There's also "Om" on the ceiling.

Atmosphere. The last thing I liked was here. Even the "Omar" stuffed with Turks is not so repulsive. The open space, due to the economy of electricity, implies a buzz from the street and fans. At the entrance glued tawdry diode tape, which annoyingly blinked and took with her a couple of smoochs of my poor nerves.

The menu was brought to the Russian, the price tag varies from 85 dong (240 rubles) to about 180 dong (500 rubles). Chicken in the area of weaving, lamb, respectively, higher.

Saigon, the hell would he fight, 20 dong. Robbery. Tiger is even taller.

Ordered "Tahli" with lamb and here's an easy trick: your choice of lamb/chicken, price 185/210. Not much smart people will see it as a gift of fate, when lamb became cheaper than chicken. I'm one of them, by the way. But, of course, it's the other way around with this damn lamb.

For the snack bring 2 sauces, marinated shallots and 2 crisps for dipping. Also 2 cups of water that are not poured.


The thadley is a massive portion. We didn't even kill her together. Lentils are cooked wonderfully, the chosen medium-sharp scale fits into the cheers. Lamb in the sauce tender, juicy, breaks down into fibers. There is no specific smell and taste, I suppose because of the abundance of spices. The lamb, which was brought on a separate plate, is more textured, dry, in my opinion. The yoghurt thing is tastier, better than Omar's, with lentils the same story. Rice is properly cooked, no porridge, porridge only in rice pudding. Kamensky came in, I'm not a fan of such desserts. Cheese-garlic naan is just boiling water, but it's top.

Lambonion on a separate plate 4 pieces, just Kamensky managed to shave it up to the photo


In the bottom left corner, in this meat some delicious cheese, the meat itself is also good, but it has no strength in the end.

Take all this movement exclusively for two, in one can not cope. The staff is English-speaking, in Russian, too, the smallest. The manager comes up, asks how shaw, whether everyone likes, nice canesh.

And now to the results.

I will say that in all 3 Indian restaurants are able to cook truly Indian dishes. Whatever you go to - you will be satisfied, the question is more about taste. But there's a couple of buts. "Ganesh" and "Omar's" just lure visitors with their interior and Indian tzatzka, for a tourist - it works. But I don't come to the tablecloth to get some.

"Yashoda," though, is more about food and service. Less showand and more quality. 

My subjective rating:

  • Yashoda - Best Tahland and food in general, service, free water, adders.
  • Ganesh - best lentils, lovely lamb, horse serving, lowest price tag on Tahli, fans
  • Omar's - copper mugs for saigon stole my heart, lots of sauces, no water, no conders.

That's the way it is, cats. Below are a couple of photos of the menu for review. Don't be flat, discover new things. I hope it was helpful.

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