When you absolutely do not want to leave the house to eat or for food. You can order delivery from the cafe. The cafes themselves don't have delivery, but they have a taxi. That is, the dude on the bike goes to the cafeteria, orders for his money and carries to you, for the delivery will take plus 42 rubles. It's cool to leave another 15 roubles for tea, they're pleased.

Order of 6 dishes cost us 546 rubles. It's 2 soups with (I don't know how it is in Russian) ricecakes, egg, Beijing cabbage, onion and sesame seeds, 2 near chicken soup, 2 portions of rice with chicken in batter, fried eggs and vegetables, a large bun and sauces.

Asian dishes are good when hot, cold is no longer particularly dangerous.

In the wake of the time we ordered 2 bolognese pastes, excellent quality pizza and pepperoni pizza. Pepperoni there, canesh, and did not smell a lot of onions (and I adore this chip in Vietnam), a lot of cheese and a little sausage. The dough is such a thing, but European cuisine is not able to cook here and glory to the gods, not for this we are here.

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