Philippine aubergine omlette

It's been a long time so a little Asian note to you in the kitchen.

We'll need:

1 eggplant, best thin

2 eggs

Half a small onion

A couple of garlic cloves

Fish sauce (the same umami smack)

A little green onion to decorate

For the salsa:

Half a tomato

A quarter of cucumber

A quarter of red onions

Fish sauce (tea spoon)

Lime or lemon wedge

Let's start with:

To start the eggplant should be 7-8 minutes to twist back and forth on the gas stove, so that it turned out a slight smack of haze and skin easily came off. For those who are alien to the gas, shave on the eggplant boiling water, in order to remove the skin and get the softness of the vegetable. Leave to cool.

Fry the onion and garlic for 3-5 minutes, without roasting, cleanly to mix and become transparent, set aside.

Remove the skin from the eggplant and hold it by the fruit, mark it with a fork to a flat state.

Shake 2 eggs with a teaspoon of fish sauce, dip the eggplant and on a frying pan, the remaining eggs pour on top.

Put onion and garlic mixture on the eggplant. We put a shoulder-stretched omelette to the eggplant.

Salt, pepper. Turn.

Cut vegetables into salsa with small cubes, season with fish sauce.

Put the finished eggplant on a plate, supply the top with ready salsa and decorate with green onions.

Bon appetite!

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