The first thing that rushes to our tourists in Vietnam is a crazy road traffic anthill from scooters a whole swarm that continuously buzzes.

If there is an opportunity to go you have to go

The main science, which first of all must be mastered by a visitor to the country of Viets is the art of crossing the road and will have to master the national extreme sport. Learning to cross the road at a pedestrian crossing is a real survival lesson. The markings on the asphalt are there, but those behind the wheel do not seem to understand what it is for. Seeing a zebra, you can be sure, it is not accepted to pay attention. There are no rules of the road. The laws of the jungle work here.

Crossing the road is a pedestrian problem. A vital rule when crossing the roadway is to be predictable.

It is not uncommon to run over pedestrians. In front of my eyes, the fat lady began to rush forward and backwards. The Vietnamese even felt sorry - he did not know how to get around and which side. The end result is a collision. The bike and the driver were more injured - they were springed off. Waiting at the side of the road at the crossing, when everyone will stop there is no sense, will stand forever. If you are fans of the rule to go to the break, and "I'm right and all around must abide by the rules" - you roll out on the first zebra. So be careful, slowly move, one at a time so that you can go around and predict your behavior. When you enter the road, always look both ways. If there is no one on the left, then exactly on the right on the "meeting" someone rushes.

two bikes carried on the counter managed to take pictures only of the backs

well that looked right -- against the wool rides bike

If there is a car, bus or truck on the road, then stand. These don't stop or go around. Wait! You can raise your hand to be visible, move slowly at a constant speed skipping motorbikes. At first it is difficult and scary, but eventually you get used to it and go quietly. And this stormy stream of bikes wraps around you like a water stone.

For most vies, a moped is a way of life. In the same stream mopeds work trucks. You can transport everything on two wheels. At least a washing machine, at least a refrigerator, at least half a warehouse of potatoes with vegetables or a whole palm tree, or even a small garden.

transporting durian

Why don't we grab a bunch of pipes?

And here we will be in full, the main thing is that the hands reach the steering wheel

Let's take a couple of bags of potatoes

rare frame, on a moped a whole restaurant, tables of chairs, ready food in a large pot, spices, tea, mugs... Mobile kitchen.

past the children's entertainment stall

like tables, did not have time to consider...

To work on motorcycle squawk sneaks and a merchant with flowers and business lady, parents take their children to schools and kindergartens, sometimes for the comfort of the child, setting a stool directly on the scooter. Sometimes families travel for four people and even more. Yes, even with pets.

trip to the sea to swim

family with a child, an older child in front usually

mom and three children

and if the child is small is all between parents

You can often meet young couples. Every meter of the road romance is a ride in a hug. (by the way, a hug in Vietnamese will sound like "om") And ride comfortably, the passenger from behind can take a nap on the shoulders of the driver. And a moped is a way to show off. Girls skate in luxurious short dresses and high heels, beauty, beauty and once again beauty. Even the helmet should be fragile, and designer - confident Vietnamese, and if driving not themselves, then all love to ride sitting sideways, showing off their white legs. It's very easy to roll your neck unprepared for such men.

Two fashionistas on a bike

I think hugging is one of the components of a long family relationship until old age.

Share in the comments your stories of crossing the road in Nha Trang, what is it like to see such a movement for the first time and how did you feel when you crossed the road? links below.