In the house where we rent an apartment there is a board with the dop listed on it. services, such as cleaning, water and (!) pizza delivery. Nam's house (the owner is Russian), reads the inscription.

The price tag is 80 to 100 dong (220-300 rubles). Double cheese 5 dong (14 rubles), you can make two different halves of pizza for 10 dong. The delivery itself is from 5 to 25 (14-70 rubles).

Ordered three times: beef with mushrooms; spicy pork in sour cream; ham and mushrooms.

It looks like a pretty attractive sight. The dough is thin, at the edges of crispy (I appreciate the crusts and if you do not eat them, we will not be able to make friends), by the middle soft, elastic, does not fall apart and does not soak. The toppings are not small and not too much.

Pork pizza did not come to me, yet spicy species should be accompanied by tomato sauce. But beef and ham/mushrooms are just great. Especially the last, tender texture of the sauce, ham has a taste, Do not know where they take it, but meat is good, although it can and chemosa. They took the whole circle in one sitting. It is worth noting that pizza is not a type of those that cooled in the morning remain high. It's so cold, you can't do without a micro-vave.

I note that in the pizza company I have not eaten and love pizza on the food court in lotta.

In general, quite a pizza for these money. It's not a wau, a gun, a tower, a ceiling, it's a medium to quench your hunger and pour a beer.

Orders, as far as I understand, take until 8pm, there is a profile in fb.

And remember: only pizza is worthy of tears.

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