What's going on? In Vietnam, I've been in Vietnam for a week and I can start talking about local gastronomy and booze.

Eating in European resicans and cafes is silly, however, all Russian tourists are there in droves, there is no authenticity there, of course, and in the sense. At every step there are trolleys with snacks, mini kebabs, buns, corn and all that, near the trolley there are always a few tables with chairs. All this is predominantly for locals and prices are appropriate for them.

A white man can charge the price tag, but almost always you can bargain.

There is also a larger cafe, with a toilet for example; prices there are fixed, and the menu hangs right on the walls of large pictures.

The kebabs in the photo cost 20 rubles apiece. There are different, octopus, frogs, chicken, meat, vegetables, mushrooms. They are supposed to have a plate of greens and a spicy lime sauce.  On the table usually there is a glass with appliances and napkins, and some sauces.

Fo in the cafe costs about 126 rubles and, believe me, hardly a plate can be overpowered entirely. Rice is always cheaper.

Well, that's the introduction. More to go.

The channel about food and alcohol in Nha Trang:
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