Livin... how much in this sweet word. Found, from now on, my favorite spot of craft beer and craft as words in general.

A large room with several bench tables, flags of breweries on the walls and very cool English-speaking staff.

The guys offer beer from Pasteur street brewing Co., TeTe craft beer, Winking seal beer Co., East west brewing Co. and a couple of cider representatives: Saigon and Hanoi.

For the 100th time, I'll say I don't understand a damn thing about crafting, so I'm not going to paint anything. I will say that connoisseurs road here is obligatory and check the menu of beer in the photos. The price tag is 250-360 rubles for 0.33. The food we didn't try left for next time.

But that's not what I'm particular about. It's a craft shop for ALL. Sauces, soaps, clothes, jewelry, food stands and bags. It's so cool and expensive that I didn't buy anything. I know one thing: without a souvenir from this store, I will not leave for nothing.

The channel about food and alcohol in Nha Trang:
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