Yesterday in our favorite bar Killed Kenny brought 6 varieties of excellent crafting from the Moscow guys "Black cats", now they are based in Vietnam and continue their business.

Apa, ipa, stout, pilsner, wheat, blonde.

Again, I say that I do not understand crafting, so as Fedka from Alupka I judge only "delicious, bitter, drunk."

7 degree pilsner, this gun, as experts say, to make a pilsner such a fortress, this must be dodged. But kittie wheat and blonde pure girly beers, in the area of 4.6 degrees, drink easily and at ease. Stout unsaturated and even me, an inexperienced taster, seemed a failure. 

Separately, I note the design of bottles, very cool disaner solutions! Most of all liked a bottle of apa, okay, because among all sorts of stickers cartoon characters were Sailor moon and navel.

The price tag is divine, about 168 rubles for 0.33. For crafting is tolerable.

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