"It's outrageous!" shouted everything inside me when there were no prawn burgers on the menu. Like, stone, zingers can be eaten in Russia 

In the local kfs there are second dishes, mainly rice with different variations of chicken, teriyaki, fried, baked, in kebabs. There is chizza, it's chicken pieces in the form of pizza with cheese, did not try. And a few other burgers, which are also fucking over.

Sauce to choose from is just 2: ketchup and sweet chilli. Cranes are standing on the street, at least fill in with these sauces.

The price tag is usual, for 3 burgers, a large potato, sauce and a large pepsi I gave 490 rubles. On these grandmothers you can wildly eat in an ordinary Vietnamese cafeteria and pour beer. 

Well, the norm is shorter, will go, but not to the parking lot.

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