There is always a peach blossom branch or kumquat tree in a Vietnam family as a sign of coming lunar new year. There are some kinds of peach blossom, including “dao bich” – strong-red peach blossom, “dao phai” – light-red peach blossom or “dao ta” – fruit-tree peach blossom. Both “dao bich” and “dao phai” were originally from Mong Tu – China. Their flowers are in shape of sphere and double-petal. “Dao ta” (originally from Vietnam) has thin single petal, light red colour, thin and sparse branches. This kind of flower has been well preferred in recent years.


Light-red peach blossom

According to the room size, Vietnam’s decorate their home with peach blossom or kumquat tree. It seems to be very simple but complicated, depending on colour of wall, flooring tile, carpet and so on. A vase of roses, chrysanthemums or mixed-colour dahlias also contributes the atmosphere of coming most important occasion in a year. Vietnam’s can show their fineness of choosing flowers in such wise ways.

Buds is going to blooming

If you have an opportunity of looking at a big branch of blossom peach with corpulent buds arranged in a expensive vase, surrounding by many things in a room, it will definitely not Vietnam’s style.

Different from the North, apricot blossom is the sign of lunar new year in the South. Its colour of yellow is the symbol of prosperity.

Apricot blossom