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As for Vietnam. In general, the very name Vietnam for the Russians is one word and is written in a way, for the local village it is two words - Viet Nam (Viet Nam). Viet is a nation of Viets, Nam is a south.  Viet Nam is a country of Viet stoines in the south. All the products you will buy are all that starts at Viet - the title of people living in the south. There are 5 cities of central subordination in the country, as well as 58 provinces. Very often the name of the provinces coincides with the administrative center of the province. This pattern is not always, a typical example for you - the province of Kienzyang (t'nh Ki'n Giang), the administrative center of Ratzia (Th'nh ph' R'ch Giz).

There are 53 nationalities in Vietnam. Doesn't mean everyone on a motorbike is all Vietnamese.

As a percentage of 82 per cent of the Viet, in addition to them, another 52 people live in the Territory. The total is exactly 53. As many say all on one person, there are no differences. in fact there are a lot of differences. You can meet the red zao, raglais, Mongoes, Munong. How to distinguish Vietnamese from other nationalities in the territory. First of all, of course, by the color of the skin? If you in clear sunny weather you see that a young girl rides on a bike without sleeves, without gloves, without a mask - for yourself you can 100% note - it's either a broom or one of the nationalities living in the territory of Vietnam.

All Vietnamese as far as southerners and northerners are concerned, they are obsessed with light white skin. The word "obsessed" should be emphasized.

Go to any hypermarket - face cream, hand cream, Deodorants vietnamese production almost all have such a property as with bleaching effect. The real Vietnamese will be long sleeves, or T-shirt and sleeves, gloves, mask, glasses, hood, cap, helmet. If the legs are slates, there must be socks with a cutout for the finger. That is, from the parts of the body in general there is nothing to be seen - it is visible only the eyes. The standard of beauty of a Vietnamese girl is very simple. The girl should be like the moon. That is, a semicircular oval face of the color of the moon. Here everyone is obsessed with the color of the skin so if you want to make a girl Vietnamese compliment there is nothing easier - to say that looks like a pale trash or pale as a moon and a man will become on the 7th sky with happiness. If you want to offend the Vietnamese, tell me about her tan.

Men are not so obsessed with fair white skin. It is a little more complicated here, because the beauty standards of the north, central, southern are very different. For example, in northern men the standard of beauty is similar to the image of Ho Chi Minh - mustachioed and bearded. In the south of the country it is worth paying attention to the hands - you can see the false nails on the little finger or on all fingers of the hand. They're fine with orientation. It's a status. It's like skin color. If you have a tanned dark skin color - you are a farmer and work on rice plantations. A person who will be white - an office worker does not go anywhere and earns well. The longest 19th person means I'm a city dweller and I don't do any physical work. Northerners in principle treat this a little with misunderstanding. It all moved on from the culture of Chinese mandarins. Over time, the pup grows and begins to gernate. On the toe put on multicolored bags which means not peasant, and royal life. 

In general, the first time of dawn tourism was very sorry blondes, photographed, pulled by the hair, touched hair. If you have fair skin, blue eyes, blond hair. what you don't have in Asia, you're going to be very attracted to yourself. Men if you have a beer belly, a beard and a mustache.... Grandma can come pat say "yes blac on the mosi" - like a Buddha, a talisman, happiness.... Don't be scared. It is ok. If you have a beard, a mustache and a small tummy, you'll be here like a god. After all, it is a mixture in the form of a Buddha and Ho Chi Minh. Walk boldly, with you here will be all photographed.
11 May
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In Russia, Mother's Day is November 24. In Vietnam, every second Sunday in May ("Mua Vu Lan") is a time to express a son's piety to his parents, especially their gratitude and appreciation to their mother. The tradition of celebrating came from the W..
14 Dec Peach blossom
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There is always a peach blossom branch or kumquat tree in a Vietnam family as a sign of coming lunar new year. There are some kinds of peach blossom, including “dao bich” – strong-red peach blossom, “dao phai” – light-red peach blossom or “dao ta” – ..
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