"Com - rice" as we call them Kamensky, these are roadside cafes, dusty as endless volumes of Gorky in the grandmother's library; Cheap as a "shooter" in 2012; and as unpredictable as our lives.

There is always rice with a variety of toppings. In every one of your tastes. It costs this case usually 70-80 rubles per serving, including tea, soup and rice with meat, fish, vegetables, as the map will fall shorter.

Going out of town, it's nice to go to a place like this, in order to enjoy the real Vietnam and really tasty food.

The last foray to the beach "Bai Yai" lay through a similar hashtag. Not asking, foolishly, the price of lunch, but ordering, sat down to expect.

"Shiiik" is the first reaction to the plates placed on the table. 2 healthy shrimp, fish, omelette, spicy mango and shrimp soup with herbs. 2 beers in pursuit of a meal.

Having dined and asked us to calculate, we received the answer "130 for 2 servings and beer."  Which equates to 364 rubles, fuck!

It's a wead, you say. Encouraged, say we!

Since we didn't initially indicate that we don't need laksheri toppings in the form of shrimp, we got the best set to rice.

Well-fed, but dissatisfied went to drown the sadness in the waters of the South China Sea.

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