On October 6, 4:45 p.m., brewers Pasha and Lyon go in circles around the rack, chasing all the oki-docks, simultaneously loading me with info about varieties, hops, temperature and recipe. Pasha is nervous, thinks that no one will come at all. Lenya worries that he will rake a lot of people and plant nowhere. I sit, smoke, watch, soak, watch baseball with one eye.

"Brewery" bar

I'm a simple man, loving and beer and wine, but i don't understand a damn thing about them, so I express what I mean or try.

A rather large bar, who did not get into the contact area, can stay at the tables. Immediately, if desired, you can order food from the main menu Story, than you are a lot of puzzled bartender. My advice: if you want to eat - go to the zone for the dribble, you want to drink beer - sit evenly.

For those who do not know to drink such a drink, the guys offer a tasting set.

Not a bad free start

It is worth starting in a certain sequence, because it is necessary to give free rein to the bitterness to grow. The first went to K'lsch and became my favor - a light ale with a barely perceptible floral aroma, contains a small amount of malt, thus looking like a weiss.

Next Red Ale (Mulberry) - red ale, with the addition of Vietnamese mulberry, there is a berry flavor, a small bitterness, can be dubbed a woman's variety. My second favor.

Pilsner is a good old-class classic for those mouths that have not yet dried out from Jigulevskiy. For me, it's just a big one.

IPA - "Men nod approvingly and smack, twisting a glass in the light. A hopping ale, with bright bitterness and a citrusy aftertaste. 3 spot in my ranking or how to get drunk quickly.


They give you free malt for a back-up. It's the first time I've tried it, funny shit. It's like eating bread. As the bartender says, "You drink beer, you eat beer."

The guys have a chip with thermometers, they can check whether the temperature of the beer served is correct. I wonder if I didn't know it might be important either.

If very strongly presses, the guys can tell and show the recipe brewing beer. You can't do it again anyway.

The sheet shows the temperature for each variety

If after the tasting set the choice has not become obvious, you can order a set of all beers for a fee of 0.25 cups.

Forgot to mention the free glass of any beer to choose from, all who came to the party.

Malt, that's good, of course, but they don't shove their abdomen. It's time to cater. Unfortunately, I do not have a photo of these tissues, so I have to take my word for it. A bunch of chips, crackers, nuts, salted fish with pickled onions and dill, canapes of salted fish with potatoes, 2 types of sausages (very decent) and spent on cheddar and maasdam. Decent treats.

The most cunning flew on the party, drank a tasting set, then a free tank, eating imported cheese and quietly merged. I'm not judging. It's not a shame to be a freebie. At least not always.

I'm the one who drinks beer with Ni (alpha dive)

The most curious guys arranged tours of the brewery. Since I can't tell the difference between the malt and the hops, I stayed still.

At the same time on stage she sang songs of the group "Combination" Madame in a dress like Kylie Minogue in her best years, and on TV Arsenal rolled Bournemouth. Time passed to close.

As a result, I will say that the bar came out healthy, excellent beer, nice guys, you can see the ball, you can look at The Saratov tourists in the pool to gawk, there is entertainment. A good brew on a beer after work, a suitable varik with boys to fly, also suitable for catching foreign or domestic boys for single ladies.

Visit this place and share your opinion about beer.

Next is a small photo report. All the urinals.

Tiko (left) didn't want to be fat, so she sat down to get Anya

Don't forget about good variques

By the end of the party, Anya had spat on the beebules bow and changed into shorts and a T-shirt, for good

By the way, with these guys always high to drive to the pool in the alpha dive bar in the north

How do I want to dot

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