There are a lot of attractions in Nha Trang. One of them is an astronaut. It is on the second line and stands at the restaurant "Cosmos." It's a dummy in an astronaut costume. Many tourists specially come here to take a picture with him, probably an association with the monument to Gagarin - a famous cosmonaut from the USSR. You can take off your helmet and put it on. Take a picture both in the helmet and with the cosmonaut of Nha Trang.

If you want to get a 5% discount in a restaurant, you need to subscribe to the restaurant group in VK or Instagram. Like the last five posts. Take a selfie with cosmonaut NhaTrang a post with the text "I'm going to the restaurant cosmos" in his social network with the hashtags #astronautnhatrang #restaurantcosmos #restaurantnhatrang #discountsvietnam. Your account should be open. On the trail of the day you will receive a coupon invitation from the admin for a discount.

But that's not all. You can get 10%, you need to eat in the restaurant "space." Post a post with a check, a photo of the dishes you ate, a tip about these dishes, showing the hashtags #cosmosnhatrang #restaurantcosmos #restaurantnhatrang #discountsvietnam. Subscribe to restaurant groups in VK or Instagram. Have an open account. Put 5 likes last. And get a coupon invitation from the admin for a discount of 10%.

You can also combine these two activities and get two discounts. So it is a great opportunity not only to be photographed and take interesting photos, but also to get a discount on exotic dishes in the restaurant space.

If you want to win a mountain of oysters (30 pieces). You need to eat at the Cosmos restaurant. Post a post in your check feed, a photo of the dishes you ate, a review of these dishes, with the hashtags #cosmosnhatrang #restaurantcosmos #restaurantnhatrang #discountsvietnam. You can also write your feedback with a photo in a tripadvisor or on Google maps. Subscribe to restaurant groups in or Instagram. Have an open account. Like the last 5 entries. At the end of the working day, the winner will be determined. The winner can be any participant who has spent the largest amount. If the sum is the same, the winner will be determined among such participants by selecting random numbers. Oysters to choose from (raw, baked with onions, baked under cheese).  It's as simple as that. Eat. write a review, at the end of the day the winner will be determined. The oysters will be delivered to you on the trail day.

This is still the only attraction that brings benefits. If you know of other similar profitable attractions - write to us or in comments, we will review them.

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