I work as the managing manager of the top restaurant BOGOSOV burgers'steaks. As you can see from the name, we specialize in burgers and steaks, now I'm testing the menu and I'm smearing these gifts.

70% of our guests are foreigners, so to my endless joy, I practice English every day.

Plus, I lead the Instagram of restaurants (we have two of them, another pizza grill and soon open a restaurant of Mexican cuisine), you can check bogosov in the insta.

The downsides of the work have not yet been found. Pros: practice English, I also teach Vietnamese, because all the staff of vith, ofpspeak english. Top team, a bunch of creativity, 8 hour workday, sometimes sutra, sometimes from the day.

It's one thing when you live and relax in Vietnam, it's another when you start working here, it's like "I'm here for a long time."

The channel about food and alcohol in Nha Trang:
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