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19 Oct Closing the Indian Gestalt
Ксюша Рсиф 0 4
Earlier, we visited 2 Indian restaurants in Nha Trang. It's "Yashoda" and "Omar's." Today closes this vicious circle of "Ganesh." The interior designer. There's also "Om" on the ceiling. Atmosphere. The last thing I liked was here. Even the "Omar" s..
10 Oct What can be seen on the roads in Nha Trang and how to survive on them?
ppkpavel 0 34
The first thing that rushes to our tourists in Vietnam is a crazy road traffic anthill from scooters a whole swarm that continuously buzzes. If there is an opportunity to go you have to go The main science, which first of all must be mastered by a v..
09 Oct Opening of
Ксюша Рсиф 1 55
On October 6, 4:45 p.m., brewers Pasha and Lyon go in circles around the rack, chasing all the oki-docks, simultaneously loading me with info about varieties, hops, temperature and recipe. Pasha is nervous, thinks that no one will come at all. Lenya ..
04 Oct Where to eat lobsters in Nha Trang?
ppkpavel 1 138
Our current story for seafood lovers, namely lobsters. The lucky ones have already tried them, and someone only dreams about it. Lobsters are bred on farms right in the sea. Everyone is guarded by packs of dogs. At least you are truned and can even b..
01 Oct WADA sushi&ramen
Ксюша Рсиф 1 61
I had my hopes. A bunch of positive reviews on the tripadweiser, plus, I want to make a rating of ramen in Nyachang.A nice place, two floors, the second did not let, said "not yet", but on the photos from the Internet, there is cozy.The menu is in th..
24 Sep Cafe
Ксюша Рсиф 1 33
Cafe "Seul" near the cooptart, small and unremarkable.The menu is entirely Vietnamese, so if your Vietnamese is more advanced than "com ha" and bill up to 10, then you will be easier. Staff in English, too, no boom-boom.I was just playing roulette, k..
19 Sep Happy National Cheeseburger Day!
Ксюша Рсиф 2 28
The most appropriate day is to go and smear burgers.I know good burgers in The Nanny only in Culture cafe and BOGOSOV burgers'steaks (new brioche buns), though not squeamish Lotteria.And also on Bai Yai classy burger in "coco."If you fumble, where th..
17 Sep Home-cooked food in Zoltan’s little Hungary
Ксюша Рсиф 2 35
I wanted a home-cooked meal, we came to zoltan's little Hungary.Hungarian cuisine, in a sense, is similar to German. On the walls are flags, women with beer, reproductions of mountains, freedom and green meadows. I liked the tablecloths.It began with..
16 Sep Japanese bar in the north of the city
Ксюша Рсиф 1 35
I'm sure many people know the Japanese bar in the north of the city "Sunshine bar", but I'm not here to describe all the flavors of Saigon.The advantages of the bar is that a curious tourist can not get here; cool look, contingent - a few Russian loc..
11 Sep Pizzeria Mam's house pizza
Ксюша Рсиф 0 30
In the house where we rent an apartment there is a board with the dop listed on it. services, such as cleaning, water and (!) pizza delivery. Nam's house (the owner is Russian), reads the inscription.The price tag is 80 to 100 dong (220-300 rubles). ..
09 Sep Livin... how much in this sweet word.
Ксюша Рсиф 4 38
Livin... how much in this sweet word. Found, from now on, my favorite spot of craft beer and craft as words in general.A large room with several bench tables, flags of breweries on the walls and very cool English-speaking staff.The guys offer beer fr..
05 Sep Com tam of the beach bai dai
Ксюша Рсиф 0 37
"Com - rice" as we call them Kamensky, these are roadside cafes, dusty as endless volumes of Gorky in the grandmother's library; Cheap as a "shooter" in 2012; and as unpredictable as our lives.There is always rice with a variety of toppings. In every..
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